Yachiyo Hinata

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Also Known As
Hachi, Ha-chan

Date of Birth
March 19th, 1998
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Voice actor
Madoka Yonezawa

Yachiyo Hinata (voiced by Madoka Yonezawa) is a main character in Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C³. She is the granddaughter of the headmaster of Stella Women's Academy. She is the shortest girl in the C3 club. Her height is 145 cm


Combat GearEdit

Yachiyo's preferred primary weapon is a Tokyo Marui AWS fitted with a bipod, scope riser, scope rings, and scope all also made by Marui. When in games where a sniper rifle would be impractical, she uses a Tokyo Marui Type 89-F with the bipod removed. Her sidearm is a WE P228; it is not a Marui due to the Marui P228 being spring-powered and having minor cosmetic differences, including the guide rod and finish. Her eye protection and gloves are orange, somewhat matching her eyes and hair, as well as matching her hairband.


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